Men's Swimsuit

Shown above is a new male to female transformation bikini swimsuit. This is one of the most exciting trends in all of men's swimsuit fashion!

Men's swimsuit

You might be surprised to see what the most popular trends will be this summer. Men's swimsuit fashion trends can be hard to read but there have been indication from early postings in trade magazines that spandex micro shorts look to be huge this season. Micro shorts differ from regular briefs and baggy shorts in a number of ways. All of them are cut much shorter with many designs showing an ample amount of cheek. There are two main design features and they are the bulge pouch which makes the bulge the eye catching center of attention and on the other end of the spectrum some of the hottest short shorts for men will be the male to female transformation style pouches. These actually change or repackage the penis to look exactly like a beautiful small vagina. It seems like this would draw a very narrow band of wearers but it turns out that many men and women love the look and many guys are getting in touch with their inner feminine self.

​Choosing the Perfect Men’s Swimsuit

What style of men’s swimsuit do you think would look best on you? Each cut and style brings its own personality to the table, but each body type demands a certain type of swimsuit to highlight the better features and mask the less attractive features. You can always select a color and pattern that display your own tastes, but the cut needs to flatter your physique. If you have a slim figure or a pencil type physique, you may rock a pair of swim trunks pretty well. You would also look good in a bikini because of your smaller figure, but may want to avoid G-strings or thong bikinis if you lack a lot of meat in the derriere region. On the other hand, if you are toned, you would look fierce in a G-string or thong bikini. With firm glutes and a sexy six-pack, you could also easily pull off some swimming briefs. For men with more of an apple figure or of a heavier frame, you may want to stick to swim trunks or swimming briefs. If your butt and hips are full and flattering, then by all means try a thong bikini as well. There is not a weight limit on sexy if you are confident and know how to rock your body. The best men’s swimsuit for you can only be determined by your own looks and preferences. Get ready for summer, and browse some of the hot new swimsuits on the market today!

Men’s Swimsuit

For those guys looking for the perfect men’s swimsuit, you might be having a bit of trouble finding the one that will flatter you and get all of that positive attention that you crave. Your body is going to be on display wherever you wear your swimsuit whether it is at your favorite swimming venue or at a swimsuit party. If you have never heard of swimsuit parties just for men, then you are in for a great treat! These are poolside parties hosted by the owner at his home. They invite guys that are of like mind when it comes to showing off their new swimsuit purchases. These range from briefs to bikinis to micro bikinis to thongs and even swimsuit pouches. The point is that when you wear a stylish swimsuit to one of these parties, you can bet you will be approached by other attendees with questions about where you got your hot, sexy swimsuit. Whether you share your secret is totally up to you. 

It is Time to Wear a Spandex Men’s Swimsuit

Depending on a few different factors in your life, it just might be time to start wearing a spandex men’s swimsuit. Before you start shaking your head and saying such things as “I am too old” or “I do not have the body for it”, decide, instead, to open your mind a bit and take honest stock of yourself. Also, you should look all around you at what the guys are wearing to the beach or a resort swimming pool. It is a safe bet that at least ninety percent of them are wearing swimsuits of some style made from spandex. Obviously, one of the biggest reasons that so many of them choose spandex is, simply, because they can make nearly everybody type look sexy.

If you have any doubts about the ability of a spandex men’s swimsuit to aid your body in looking every bit as wonderful as possible, then you are definitely one of the many men who need to at least give spandex swimsuits a shot. In the event that you are not thrilled with the fact that you are not up to date in your non-spandex swimsuit. Maybe you have never moved beyond the typical boxer or brief style that were so popular decades ago and are still in demand these days. It seems that only men who have become accustomed to those older styles of swimsuits are the only guys who wear them now. On the other hand, men who want to remain stylish have now begun to switch to the very latest in swimwear.

For most of these men, those styles are a spandex men’s swimsuit of some type. Being as they want to look sexy and stylish when they hit the beach, swimming pool, or private pool parties, they tend to turn toward any type of swimsuit that is created from spandex. This material is quite remarkable. It has high durability, holds it shape well, and molds to your body while correcting mild flaws that your body may have. The main thing is that it is never too late to switch from your old styles of swimwear. Men of all ages are switching over to spandex swimsuits. It may just be time for you to make that change, too.

Men's Swimsuit

Thongs, Bikinis, G-strings, Micro Shorts, Bulge Style Suits and more.

There are so many hot men's swimsuit styles it can make your head spin trying to figure out which one will look best on your body. When it comes to men's swimsuit designs it does not break down to just bikinis, thongs, G-strings and short shorts, you might have noticed we do not even mention board shorts, surf shorts and Speedos because it is a stretch calling them fashion swimwear and it is a stretch saying that any of those styles are exciting and sexy. We will break down the different styles and trends to show you what your should be wearing to the beach this summer, your neighborhood pool party, the lake and those cranking giant pool parties in Las Vegas, Palm Springs and other fun destinations.  Lets look at bikinis for men. Bikinis come in so many sub-styles like string bikinis, Brazilian bikinis, bulge style bikinis, low cut bikinis, high cut bikinis, micro bikinis, ultra micro pouch bikinis, male femme style conversion bikinis and the list goes on. That is just one style of sexy swimsuit when you break down each category of men's swimsuit styles you end up with a huge selection one that now rivals that of women's choices. This is the most exciting time ever to find your new perfect design. This is the time to show some skin with both bikinis and thongs along with micro shorts becoming mainstream on most busy beaches.

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